A Few Heros of the Probate and Mental Health Bench

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A commissioner: The difference between a commissioner and a judge is that 

                                a commissioner is more likely to have real expertise in the 

                                area of law before him or her for decisions.  

                                Also, the commissioner is paid less than a judge.

  1. The Honorable Commissioner Pro Tem, Leonard Baumgarten 

  2. The Honorable Commissioner, Harlean Carroll 

  3. The Honorable Commissioner, Don E. Green 

  4. The Honorable Commissioner, John McIlroy 

  5. The Honorable Commissioner, Ann E. Stodden 

  6. The Honorable Commissioner, David Ziskrout 

A judge:   Some judges know as much as any commissioner, work just as hard 

                  as any commissioner, and have the added power necessary to deal 

                   with the victimizers ("perps") who refuse to stipulate to a commissioner.

  1. The Honorable Judge, Richard Adler 

  2. The Honorable Judge, Billy C. Mills 

  3. The Honorable Judge, Richard C. Hubbell 

  4. The Honorable Judge, Melinda Johnson 

  5. The Honorable Judge, Richard Kolostian 

  6. The Honorable Judge, Julius Leetham 

  7. The Honorable Judge, David Perez 

  8. The Honorable Judge, Glen Reiser 

  9. The Honorable Judge, David Rothman

  10. The Honorable Judge, Coleman Swart